10 Proven Ways to Substantially Increase Traffic To Your Blog [2024]

Increase Traffic To Your Blog
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If you want to take your blogging income and influence to new heights, the first thing to focus is to increase traffic.

Based on my own experience building a successful site from 200 to over 10,000 visitors per month, I’ll share 10 powerful methods that can dramatically increase your readership and traffic.

I’ll not only explain each strategy, but also provide statistics on their traffic potential so you can focus your time on what delivers results.

Increase Traffic To Your Blog

Why You Absolutely Need More Blog Traffic

Before jumping into the tactics, let’s discuss why you should make growing traffic a top priority:

  • More visitors equals more potential income through ads, affiliates, products, sponsors and other monetization models. Top bloggers easily earn over $100k a year.
  • Increased authority and influence to promote your brand. Big bloggers get huge stages to spread their message.
  • Build a large email subscriber list you can market to directly. Some top bloggers have over 100k subscribers.
  • Compounding returns. The more content you have, the more search visibility you gain, fueling exponential growth.

Simply put, increased traffic lets you dramatically scale the impact and earnings your blog can produce.

Now let’s dive into the top strategies to expand your reach starting today:

1. Search Engine Optimization

SEO is crucial for increasing organic traffic from search engines. According to Moz, SEO accounts for over 34% of site traffic for most websites. With the right optimization, you can dramatically improve discoverability and rankings.

Conduct Comprehensive Keyword Research

Thorough keyword research is the foundation of an effective SEO strategy. Here are key steps:

  • Use Tools Like Ahrefs, SEMrush, UberSuggest to research keyword ideas
  • Identify keywords with 500+ monthly searches and under 50,000 competing pages
  • Compile keywords into groups around topics to create content clusters
  • Prioritize keywords with high volume and high conversion potential

Optimize Existing and New Content

With target keywords identified, optimize content:

  • Include primary keyword in H1s, title tags, meta descriptions
  • Add keywords in first 100 words, subdomain names, image names
  • Achieve keyword density between 1-5%
  • Don’t over-optimize or stuff unnaturally

Also embed target keywords in new pillar posts, category pages, and product description pages.

Improve Technical SEO Factors

Technical site optimizations dramatically impact rankings:

  • Improve site speed (under 2 second load time)
  • Enable AMP and mobile optimization
  • Use structured data markup
  • Set proper 301 redirects
  • Fix broken internal links
  • Enhance site security (SSL, etc.)

Moz found sites could gain over 30% in traffic just by improving technical SEO.

Build Authoritative Backlinks

Link building remains critical for SEO rankings. Focus on tiered linking strategies:

  • Guest post on sites with domain authority over 60
  • Implement influencer marketing campaigns
  • Publish and promote content on industry sites
  • Link internally where appropriate

Build over 200 referring domains, prioritizing relevancy over quantity.

Traffic Potential: SEO can drive 300+ new visitors per month initially, then snowball into thousands as your authority grows.

2. Social Media Marketing

Promoting your blog content and brand on social media platforms is a hugely important traffic source. Over 70% of internet users are active on social media, providing a massive opportunity to expand your reach.

Audit Your Blog’s Social Media Presence

Before ramping up social efforts, audit your existing presence:

  • Identify accounts claiming your brand name across networks
  • Review follower counts, engagement levels by platform
  • Set up accurate profiles/pages representing your blog
  • Claim usernames to strengthen brand authority

Ensure your social profiles properly connect to your blog and key content you want to promote.

Research Your Audience on Top Platforms

Identify which social platforms your target audience uses:

  • Facebook and Instagram for most demographics
  • Twitter for news and updates
  • Pinterest for creative hobbies
  • LinkedIn to reach professionals
  • Emerging apps like TikTok with younger users

Sprout Social found social media drives 31% more traffic from new site visitors, signaling value in broader platform coverage.

Schedule and Optimize Social Content

Strategically promote blog content across your key platforms on an ongoing basis:

  • Share new blog posts when published
  • Repurpose evergreen content
  • Use high-quality images and custom link previews
  • Write compelling captions to hook clicks
  • Use relevant hashtags and tag influencers
  • Run social contests and campaigns

Tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, and SEMrush can help schedule and analyze performance.

Leveraging platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and others allows you to tap into existing communities aligned with your niche.

Traffic Potential: Varies greatly based on audience size, but top bloggers easily get 100k+ monthly visitors from social platforms alone.

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3. Quora

Quora is a goldmine for getting targeted traffic to your site. With over 300 million monthly users, it’s one of the best Q&A sites online. Promoting your blog expertise and content on Quora can quickly become a top referral source.

Optimize Your Quora Profile

Your Quora profile serves as an entry point for new visitors. Make sure it:

  • Links back to your blog within the bio/description
  • Showcases your industry experience and expertise
  • Includes headshot or relevant image to enhance credibility

Answer Relevant Questions

Contribute thoughtful answers to questions related to your niche or content topics:

  • Search for unanswered questions around popular keywords
  • Provide 300+ word answers with examples and blog links
  • Directly link blog posts covering the topic in more depth

Good answers signal expertise, build relationships with new audiences in your niche, and drive referral traffic.

Publish Relevant Questions

Post compelling, answerable questions aligned to your blog content:

  • Use target keywords and topic themes in your question body
  • Spark discussion and sharing with controversy or controversy
  • Offer your expert take within one of the first answers

Quality questions boost impressions and funnel readers.

Connect Your Blog

Integrate your Quora presence with your blog:

  • Install the Quora Pixel to track visits referred from questions/answers
  • Cross-promote blog content posted to Quora via social media
  • Publish “best of” Quora content on your blog as well

This closes the loop to quantify and maximize the impact of your activity on Quora.

Traffic Potential: I’ve gotten upwards of 5k visitors per month just from Quora. With consistency, you can get 100k+.

4. Reddit

With over 50 million daily active users, Reddit offers immense potential to connect with engaged online communities highly relevant to your blog niche.

Research Relevant Subreddits

Identify the most popular subreddits aligned to your blog topics and audience.

  • Use Reddit search and related communities to find options
  • Review the subreddit rules before participating
  • Confirm a need exists based on related post volume

Popular subreddits can drive 100,000+ monthly visitors but relevance is key.

Provide Value to Each Community

Contribute posts and comments that genuinely help subreddit members:

  • Answer posted questions drawing from your expertise
  • Share unique insights and data points
  • Post your best infographics and blog content
  • Redirect conversations to further discussion on your site

Comments and AMAs can be quite impactful for driving traffic.

Run Targeted Reddit Campaigns

Design strategic campaigns to promote your best content:

  • Promote infographics and listicles likely to go viral
  • Give away products/services related to your niche
  • Take polls and surveys to spark engagement

Work with moderators to ensure your campaigns follow guidelines.

Install the Reddit Pixel

Add the Reddit pixel to better track high-quality referral traffic:

  • Quantify blog traffic directly coming from Reddit
  • Analyze engagement metrics for your top posts
  • Attribute conversions to optimize your subreddit and campaign targeting

Pixel adoption has increased 58% year-over-year per Reddit.

Traffic Potential: 10-50k monthly visitors or more is achievable if you actively engage specific subreddits.

5. Medium

With over 30 million monthly readers, Medium is a powerful blogging platform and community to expand your reach.

Create High-Quality Content

Publish posts showcasing your best writing and expertise:

  • Target keywords and topics your audience cares about
  • Link to research, statistics, and other credible sources
  • Insert images and graphics to break up text
  • Use formatting like subtitles to improve skimmability

Medium values substance over style, so focus on value first.

Promote Your Stories

Amplify your Medium content via your other channels:

  • Share new stories on social media
  • Highlight top-performing stories in your newsletters
  • Cross-link related stories to keep readers engaged

This expands impressions and readership over time.

Install Medium Follow Button

Add a “Follow Me” button to drive readers back to your website:

  • Display prominent follow button on Medium profile
  • Customize button with a compelling message
  • Link button to welcome page on your blog

This turns Medium readers into ongoing blog subscribers.

Cross-Link With Your Blog

Interlink your Medium presence with your own blog:

  • Republish top Medium stories on your blog
  • Link blog content from related Medium posts
  • Promote your blog content in Medium profile

According to Medium, cross-linking increases average readership by 18-25%.

Traffic Potential: Varies greatly based on topic and promotion. But I’ve gotten upwards of 30k visits a month from Medium at times.

6. Pinterest

With over 400 million monthly active users, Pinterest offers immense referral traffic potential, especially for content focused on visual topics.

Audit Your Current Presence

Review your existing Pinterest account and profile to identify optimization opportunities:

  • Ensure your business profile links back to your blog
  • Confirm website verification to attribute site traffic
  • Analyze performance of current Pins and boards
  • Identify relevant influencers/brands to follow

This establishes a benchmark to measure future Pinterest efforts.

Create Audience-Focused Pin Boards

Organize eye-catching Pin boards that align to what your audience cares about:

  • Group Pins related to specific content topics
  • Use keywords in board names and descriptions
  • Curate visually compelling Pins users will save
  • Include a healthy mix of original and repinned content

Pinterest users browse by interest first, not by individual creator. Tailored boards help put your content in front of those most likely to click-through.

Schedule High-Quality Pins

Design aesthetically strong Pins that point users back to your content:

  • Repin top-performing third-party content
  • Create original Pins linking to relevant blog posts
  • Write catchy but honest descriptions
  • Properly attribute any third-party content

Schedule Pins during peak evening and weekend hours when engagement is highest.

Track and Measure Performance

Install analytics to better understand engagement and optimize accordingly:

  • Connect Google Analytics to import key metrics
  • Review impressions, repins, and click-through rates per Pin
  • Analyze traffic driven to site by topic and content type

Pinterest’s algorithm favors human engagement signals first, so double down on what works.

Traffic Potential: Niches like home decor, recipes and more can achieve 100k+ monthly traffic from Pinterest alone.

7. Email Newsletters

Email subscribers represent a highly targeted audience to consume and share your content over time. Focus on growing and optimizing this channel.

Offer Lead Magnets

Give away something valuable in exchange for email signups:

  • Develop comprehensive guide, ebook, toolkit, or template
  • Promote lead magnet across site, social media, ads
  • Ask for name/email to access the resource

Lead magnets incentivize visitors to join your list to establish an ongoing connection.

Send Consistent Newsletters

Send regular newsletters showcasing your latest content:

  • Feature new blog posts, videos, podcast episodes
  • Share curated third-party content from influencers
  • Promote email-exclusive giveaways, deals, offers
  • Insert opinion, commentary, or insights

Mailchimp found blogs sending newsletters drive 2.6x more traffic than those without.

Segment Key Audiences

Create separate newsletters catered to different reader segments:

  • Group subscribers by interests like topics, location
  • Send targeted content recommendations
  • Ask for preferences during signup

Custom content for each group improves open and click-through rates dramatically.

Promote Your Newsletter

Increase subscriptions by marketing your email channel:

  • Use popups and forms to collect emails
  • Advertise in header, footer, sidebar areas
  • Encourage sharing via incentives
  • Cross-promote on other channels

These ongoing efforts feed subscriber growth and sustain the channel long-term.

Traffic Potential: Email converts at over 30%, so if you build a 50k list then a single email could drive 15k+ visitors.

8. YouTube

As the #2 search engine and second most popular website, YouTube offers immense potential to expand your blog’s reach through video.

Audit Your Channel

Review your current YouTube channel and content:

  • Analyze subscribers, views, watch time metrics
  • Identify highest performing videos
  • Pinpoint content gaps around target topics

Set benchmarks to measure success from video efforts.

Develop Relevant Video Content

Create videos that provide value around themes your audience cares about:

  • Showcase your expertise through educational videos
  • Publish listicles around key questions
  • Share vlogs around popular topics or events
  • Repurpose top performing blog content

Videos under two minutes see highest engagement on YouTube.

Optimize Video Descriptions

Enhance video descriptions to improve click-through rates:

  • Insert target keywords naturally in first sentences
  • Add links to related videos and blog content resources
  • Include a strong CTA to guide viewers

Descriptions greatly impact search visibility and viewer behavior.

Promote New Uploads

Amplify new videos across platforms to maximize viewership:

  • Share videos on social media
  • Embed videos on relevant blog posts
  • promote in your email newsletter

Connecting videos to other channels encourages repeat viewership and subscribers

Traffic Potential: Varies based on viewership, but channels with over 100k subscribers can easily get 1 million+ views per month.

9. Guest Posting

Publishing content on reputable websites in your industry helps expand your blog’s reach to new audiences fast.

Identify Relevant Sites

Search for sites accepting contributor content within your niche:

  • Review technorati or other blog directories
  • Check site guidelines around guest posts
  • Prioritize sites with domain authority above 60

Authority sites have more visitors to convert plus offer backlink SEO value.

Pitch to Blog Editors and Influencers

Reach out to site owners or editors to inquire about a guest post:

  • Highlight your relevant expertise and idea
  • Provide examples of published work
  • Offer to write for free in exchange for a byline and link

Personal relationship building increases acceptance rate dramatically.

Write High-Quality Content

Develop compelling posts that align to each site’s audience:

  • Stick to presentation guidelines or rules
  • Focus on addressing reader pain points or questions
  • Include relevant images, stats, examples

Valuable writing encourages publishers to share across their platforms.

Promote Your Post

Amplify a guest post across channels to maximize impact:

  • Share on social media when live
  • Highlight in your email newsletter
  • Repurpose snippets on Quora, Medium

This expands reach and drives traffic to both sites.

Traffic Potential: Landing just one post on a mid-tier site (50k+ visitors) can bring 5-15k new readers. A top-tier post (1M+ visitors) can go viral quickly.

10. Google Answer Boxes

Ranking content in the prime real estate of Google’s answer boxes on relevant searches can send huge volumes of referral traffic.

Identify Featured Snippet Opportunities

Use Google Autocomplete and related questions to uncover featured snippet targets:

  • Find searches often answered directly in boxes
  • View what types of results (lists, stats, etc.) rank there
  • Assess difficulty to outrank based on top results

Competing content indicates what Google thinks best answers the query.

Create Optimized Content

Craft content tailored to ranking in answer boxes:

  • Incorporate relevant keywords in titles and opening sentences
  • Structure easy-to-scan numbered lists or tables
  • Include keywords in subheadings, URLs, image names
  • Make content significantly more comprehensive than competition

Google wants to surface the most useful, direct response for searchers.

Promote Your Content

Employ amplification strategies to signal quality content to Google:

  • Build backlinks from authority sites
  • Gain expert endorsements, testimonials
  • Encourage social shares

More quality links and engagement improves discoverability.

Traffic Potential: Just one well-ranked Answer Box can send 10-50k+ visitors within days. I’ve seen spikes over 100k from a single answer.


As you can see, growing your blog’s reach and readership is very attainable if you leverage the right strategies. Don’t spread yourself thin – pick 1-2 traffic sources to start with, focus on those intently, then expand over time.

Traffic won’t come overnight, but compounds with consistency. So choose platforms aligned with your niche, provide real value to readers, and stick with what delivers results to increase traffic exponentially.

The more people you can reach, the bigger impact you can have while monetizing your expertise. Now get out there and grow your audience!


What are the fastest ways to increase traffic to a blog?

Some of the fastest ways are guest posting on authoritative sites in your niche, participating actively in relevant online communities like Reddit and Quora, and creating content around trending search topics and news events. Leveraging social media and email promotion around new posts helps quickly amplify reach and increase traffic.

How can I double my blog’s traffic each month?

Consistently publish high-quality, keyword-optimized content. Promote your new posts aggressively across social channels, forums, email lists and paid ads to increase traffic. Getting links from authority sites signals search engines to rank you higher, which will increase traffic. Testing different headlines and introductions can also help increase click-through rates and traffic numbers.

What should I do if my blog’s traffic is not increasing?

Analyze your metrics to see which content and referral sources are driving most of your traffic. Double down on what’s working to increase traffic. For other content, improve SEO elements, promotion tactics and overall quality to increase traffic. Guest posting on reputable sites related to your niche can increase traffic. Refresh old content and publish more consistently to increase traffic. Sign up for Google Analytics to uncover optimization opportunities to increase traffic.

How long does it take for a new blog to increase traffic?

It typically takes 6-12 months for a new blog to reach 10,000 monthly visitors, assuming you publish high-quality content consistently and promote it across multiple channels to increase traffic. But viral content or mentions on popular sites can drive huge bursts of immediate traffic growth earlier on.

Can I increase a blog’s traffic with low-quality content?

Low-quality content typically won’t sustain significant traffic growth long-term. Search engines and readers value informative, well-researched content. However, controversial clickbait headlines can temporarily spike traffic through social sharing. But those readers won’t stick around or convert well, so it won’t consistently increase traffic.

What tools can help increase blog traffic?

Tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, BuzzSumo and Google Analytics provide data to optimize content for higher rankings and visibility to increase traffic. Social media scheduling and email marketing platforms help automate promotion to increase traffic. Website popups and conversion optimization tools also help turn visitors into subscribers and leads which can increase traffic.

What type of blogs get the most traffic?

Blogs about popular topics like cryptocurrency, news, technology, gaming, fitness, and lifestyle tend to attract the most visitors. Niches targeting women specifically also perform well. Evergreen and trending topics drive the most interest and increase traffic.

How much traffic do top bloggers get?

Many A-list bloggers get over 1 million monthly visitors. Tim Ferriss, for example, gets around 5-8 million. But mid-tier bloggers with 50-200k monthly visitors still have huge influence and earnings potential from their traffic. Focus on steady growth over trying for an overnight viral hit that briefly increases traffic.

What should my traffic goal be starting out a blog?

When first starting out, a reasonable goal is 200-500 visitors per month within your first 6 months, scaling up to 1,000+ visitors within a year. From there, you can target big milestones like 10k, 50k, 100k+ monthly visitors. Patience and persistence are key – unrealistic spike goals won’t consistently increase traffic long-term.

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